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People with ADHD tend to be more creative than their non-ADHD peers. 


Creativity, ingenuity, and inventive spirit are some of our strongest qualities and often times our saving graces.


Having creative strengths allows us to do things like:


  • think "outside the box"

  • apply solutions creatively

  • communicate effectively

  • apply imagination to problem-solving process


We may notice that our creative processes could interrupt or interfere with our executive function. One of our greatest challenges and opportunities might be to be able to choose to apply executive function where it is needed in life and creativity where it is needed. Because having our homework turned in is more valuable than having a great story to tell about why it isn't turned it.


Creativity is powerful and makes many of us gifted. Effectively balancing our creative abilities with our executive function responsibilities is a path to a happy ADHD life. Why be a starving artist when you can have it all?


Please email us  to begin to get to work on finding balance and exercising choice.




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