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Our Services

In an effort to meet the needs of the whole human who is developing their lives while working with symptoms and benefits of ADHD we provide the following services:

One-on-One Treatment with Dr. Flaton

Dr. Flaton uses a rigorous time tested technique for determining the needs of each patient during each visit. She assesses each individual through a seven layered treatment plan which involves each area of a patient's life. Dr. Flaton provides structures and treatments which minimize symptoms and support patients in aligning each area of their lives with living a great life and expressing the gifts of ADHD fully.  

Psychoeducational Groups

Led by Dr. Flaton our psychoeducational groups for adults and college students are very valuable experiences for people who are interested in learning from others about how ADHD, and it's symptoms and benefits, can impact our relationships and life.  Go to our Groups Page to learn more.

If you are a new patient with us, please find the New Patient Forms here.

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