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On Enthusiasm and Nutrition

Basics for a well nourished mind.

     Understanding enthusiasm and nutrition is central to successfully living a great life with ADD or ADHD. On the previous page we have included some links to possible food choices which are known to have a beneficial effect on the body and therefore on the body's capacity for balanced energy, enthusiasm, and passion.


     Of course, only you know what food is best for you. We offer suggestions as a guide to use as you continue to get to know yourself and what helps you navigate all the wonders of life successfully.


     The basics of a healthy body and brain include clean sources of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein. We list these in no specific order of importance. You will need more of different foods on different days to achieve optimal energy and focus. The important part is that your food sources provide clean nutrition for an optimal experience of being alive.


     As always it is important for you to listen carefully to the needs of your own body and fill it with the foods you need.


     If you are still learning to listen to your body's needs please consider that meditation and yoga are known to be very helpful for cultivating a strong internal dialogue between mind and body.


If you would like to work with Flaton ADDept Center on 

fine tuning nutritional support of your enthusiasm and passion please click here to email us.


Check out this article from to get a deeper understanding of how the brain uses food.

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