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One of our problems with realizing how important sleep is 

that we are sleeping while we do it. 


During sleep our brains go to work on several processes like:


  • dreaming

  • memory consolidation

  • hormone release and regulation

  • tissue repair

  • removal of toxic byproducts


When we are living with ADHD our brains support either our greatest achievement or our worst troubles. 


Having the cleanest and most functional brain possible can be the difference between doing great work and living a great life or dealing with consequences of an improperly functioning mind. 


Lack of proper sleeping habits can contribute to:


  • memory issues

  • loss of enthusiasm

  • imbalanced energy

  • time management issues

  • sluggish thinking

  • loss of motivation

  • emotional challenges

  • social challenges 


When the ADD brain is doing great there is likely to be great work getting done and a joyful and enthusiastic life being lived.


Proper sleeping habits can contribute to:


  • memory ease

  • fully expressed and regulated enthusiasm

  • calm effective energy

  • a more accurate sense of time and deadlines

  • quicker thinking and processing

  • balanced motivation

  • emotional effectiveness

  • social success


It is said that adults require 7 to 8 hours of sleep for proper functioning and teenagers could require as many as 9.5 hours of sleep. 


It seems like there are so many things to do in a day how can we possibly get everything complete and still get enough sleep?


There are several natural sleep strategies to help us get the most of the time we spend sleeping. From scented eye pillows to extremely dark environments and white noise we have lots of options to enhance our sleep. Dr. Flaton is available to discuss sleep strategies.


Also, if you Google "natural sleep strategies" you will get lots of new ideas to experiment with.


The important thing to remember is that you know your body better than anybody. Listen carefully to its needs and make choices to support your greatest possible life.


If you desire more convincing about the importance of sleep check out Arianna Huffington's (< 5 minute) TED Talk about the importance of sleep.


Please email us if you would like some support from Dr. Flaton and Flaton ADDept Center. We have multiple strategies available to support you getting a great night sleep and being fully functional throughout the day.






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