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Social Connections

Social connection is one of the most important and meaningful part of our lives. Humans being require social connection for health. 


People with ADHD may find making social connections a little more challenging sometimes because we are often prone to daydreaming and introspective thought. Sometimes we value perfection to the point of making others who aren't as driven a little anxious. 


Many children with ADHD experience a very difficult time with making conenctions with other children. 


This area of life is so important that it deserves peaceful effort and a lifetime of practice if need-be. As we improve at being social and begin to bring intuitive strengths and sense of humor in to play we begin to create very satisfying social experiences.


Some things to keep in mind on the social connection journey:


  • - Kindness with self and others is key.

  • - Sometimes task oriented groups are easier to participate in. Find some volunteer opportunities to be on task with others.

  • - Be gentle with yourself as you learn the ins and outs. Human relationships and communication can rely on reading some extremely subtle social and communication cues. Using exercise to reduce anxiety and impulsivity can help with being mentally and emotionally available for the people in our lives.

  • - Don't forget that you are an amazing, creative, and talented individual and the world needs and wants to connect with you. Practice hard at this.

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