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As we do the work to decrease negative symptoms associated with ADHD and we do the work to support high levels of cognitive functioning it is important to remember that water plays a very important role in our cognitive performance.

Reseach suggests that even 2% dehydration can impact cognitive performance.   Additional researchers hypothesize that even mild dehydration "is associated with impaired executive function independent of mood or fatigue."

The bottom line is that hydration is key to getting full functionality from our bodies and minds. This is an amazing world we live in. To bring our best and to build our lives into what we will have it be nutrition and hydration are important.

How much water do we need? Mayo Clinic suggests between 2.2 liters and 3.0 liters for adults women and men respectively.


CHOC Children’s Hospital suggests one 8 ounce cup for every year of age up until age 9.


There is a great deal of potential stored in an ADHD brain. We are the worlds creative problem solvers. There are plenty of problems in the world waiting for creative solutions. So we have work to do.

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